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The most exciting thing on my immediate horizon is my book of humorous essays, "You're Not That Pretty" & Other Things my Parents Told Me . I’ve been writing essays on and off for over a decade, have had many published, but here I have 29 fresh and scathing essays that required most family members to die before I could publish. I have finally found a new passion.

New One Woman Show – Off-Broadway 2019

My one-woman show is about what happens when you hit 60 and none of your dreams came true--but it's really funny. It's about re-finding yourself, aging, 

alcoholism, and finding yourself again, after a personal tragedy. The show premiere dat the UNITED SOLO FEST in NYC, in OCTOBER 2019 and Won the "Best Comedian" award.

Without Me, My Show is Nothing! 
       My first one-woman show.
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Boomermania: The Musical About the Baby Boomers!

The musical I co-wrote, co-directed and co-produced with Pat Sierchio, my partner in life and love.  After his battle with cancer, he had to leave us, but I vow to honor him and get this wonderful musical back up.  It's the most fun any boomer can have at this point in our lives.  I promise. We ran to rave reviews on both coasts, and are looking for RICH PEOPLE to invest and get us to the next level which will include an American tour.  If you are rich, or know anybody who is rich, please contact me.

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The Zelda Bing Experience
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My alter ego who has a one-woman show entitled,  “ The Zelda Bing Experience: Find Love, Even if It’s Just with Yourself.”  An 80 minute laugh a minute parody of a self-help seminar, featuring the loveable, yet clueless Zelda Bing.  This show is available for booking, and is perfect for conventions, corporates, and colleges.   

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Stand-up Comedy 

I still perform, and still love it, and am available if anybody needs me, particularly recovery shows and charities.  


Several other writing projects in the works, a TV Pilot,  Screenplay, a play,"Beowulf the Musical," and my second book of essays, which will  be kind of a cautionary tale, as I’ve done some dumb, unbelievable and outrageous crap in my life.


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