"Debbie Kasper is freaking brilliant!" 

"The writing is amazing, the pacing incredible, the performance over the moon! And while enjoying all that, I got hit behind the knees... and found inspiration to work through some of my own crap. I call that a good show."

-Janette Barber 

 (Seven-time Emmy award winner/ Producer/Head writer of "The Rosie O'Donnell Show")  

The United Solo Fest 

The Early Reviews are in! 

"Debbie Kasper's brilliant tour de force..." 

Not just hilariously funny, but honest, raw, deeply touching and brave. This show blew me away.

-Monica Piper 

 (Emmy award winner/ star and writer of "Not That Jewish", the critically acclaimed off-Broadway hit.)  


Winner "Best Comedian" at United Solo Fest, 2019

"Has Anybody Seen Debbie?" written and performed by Debbie Kasper, while hilariously satirizing one-person shows, Debbie asks a poignant question: What happens when all your dreams fail and you're already 60? (but even THAT's a fairy tale!). Debbie has lost everything: career, money, love, and even herself. She delves into her life, slipping in and out of ten characters that inspire or annoy her in this scathingly funny and occasionally tragic journey of renewed hope. 

Debbie's brand new one-woman show


premiered at The United Solo Fest, in NYC Oct 19th & 20th,  2019. The show sold out quickly, and a second was added.  She was awarded "The Best Comedian" honor at the festival.


This tragi-comedy is a sequel to her "masterpiece" and award-winning "Without Me, My Show is Nothing." It asks the questions: What happens when none of your dreams came true? And you're sixty, (but even that's a fairy-tale?)  How do you begin? What are we without our dreams? 


The play is as universal as it is personal.  It's Debbie's return to her own personal dreams after a long personal tragedy. This uplifting, yet often hilarious tale about renewed hope and finding your heart and your path, again, is earning rave reviews and ovations from Los Angeles to NYC! 

She's Baaaack!



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