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DEBBIE KASPER is one of the most versatile forces in the entertainment industry-- and a darling of the press. Besides being a two-time Emmy nominated writer, an award-winning comedienne, and international humor author, she is a theatrical producer and director. Kasper is also a stand-out stand-up comic who has been blowing audiences away for over 25 years. Her essays have been featured on numerous websites, and she has contributed humorous essays to two published anthologies. Her own book of personal essays “A Poke in the Eye with a Sharp Stick--Promises my Parents Made," is due out in 2019.  

Debbie has written for the seminal sitcom "Roseanne" & other TV shows, garnering two Emmy nominations for"The Rosie O’Donnell Show."  She co-wrote and directed the stage shows,"Self - Help: the Comedy," and "BoomerMania the Musical," both of which received rave reviews and toured extensively. 

She’s a master of the one-person show format having won The Drama Logue award and rave reviews for her first one-woman show. Debbie's alter ego, and star of her second one-woman show; Zelda Bing, is the author of the hilarious book, "There’s Men Every-where, If Your Lower Your Standards!" 

After a several year hiatus, due to personal reasons, Debbie's back. And she's bringing her new one-woman show "Has Anybody Seen Debbie?" to Off-Broadway, the show won the 2019  "Best Comedian" award at the United Solo Fest. 

Debbie has toured the country, and beyond on cruise ships, bringing her special brand of 'tell it like it is' comedy to a wide audience. Whether it be comedy set, a one-woman show, a play, an essay, a book, or a musical. Debbie is still dedicated to healing America one laugh at a time!

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