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The Comedian

Debbie discovered comedy the same way everyone else did--in the eighties when there was nothing  else to do. Every closed down disco, pizza joint and salad bar in every lost town in the country began to host comedy nights.  She wrote herself five minutes of what seemed funny (barely) and there was no stopping her. Debbie quickly became known as a "heavy hitter who could build a huge following," honing her skills in the tri-state area. As she toured the country slinging clever punchlines, and slipping in and out of characters with the "Ease of Robin Williams,"  "at times she reminds one of Lucille Ball, other times, Gilda Radner." Her impression of the different kinds of drunks brought the house down every time. Her  cigarette smoking waspy mother is a scathingly funny character, stealing the show night after night. Her impression of a feminist trying to flirt with a cop to skate a ticket is a par none.   


She was quickly featured on many TV Shows, in both America and Canada;  A&E Evening at the Improv, VH-1 Stand-up, several appearances on Girls Night Out, to name a few. She rose to headliner status  quickly which led her onto  cruise ships, colleges, corporate events, banquets, recovery shows, conventions, and the Montreal Comedy Festival.  Her writing was always a stand-out, leading her to a career in television.  


She was also one of the first comedians to begin teaching stand-up in the late eighties, and very quickly gained a following and a strong reputation. 


Her innovative workshops helped shape the acts of many young comics who have far surpassed her own career. which really annoys her.   


"I decided to be a comedian, when I found out that comics drank for free. After me, they started making us pay for our drinks--but it was too late, I was hooked on laughs.

"Debbie Kasper is a multi-talented      character comedian."                                                           - Atlantic City Hoot

"I could very easily see her building a HUGE following"

                                        - Long Island Ear

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"The evening's highlight was Debbie Kasper's act." 

(review of taping of 30 comediennes for "Girls Night Out.")

                                                                                            - Long Island Ear

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