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So, Yeah, I'm a Blog-grr - am I Late?

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Thanks for stopping by Deb's Place. I'm a comedian, writer. stripper, brain surgeon. The love of my life died last year and it was beyond the worst awful--but then something miraculous happened--things of all sorts and textures started pouring, flying, VOMITING out of me--(after a year of writer's block and bedpans).

So now, I can't stop writing. I'm writing right now, in fact.

I even wrote a book this year, "You're Not That Pretty" & other things my parents told me." a bunch of stories about my wild alcoholic family and growing up Joisey. Of course-- I had to wait for several people to die before I could write it--pretty friggin' raw

I have a new one-woman show -- Chillax! I won't make you come. It won the "Best Comedian" Award at the United Solo Fest in NYC last year. It's called, "Has Anybody Seen Debbie?"

Then I heard about these bloggy things that are all the rage--have you seen them?

Well.....this is mine

I gotta dash, if your attention span's like mine-- you're already searching Netflix--

so I'm talking to myself.



Is it too soon to say "I love you?"

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